Tuaran Mee At Seng Hing Coffee Shop, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Whenever you travel to another city, states or country the first thing you have in your plan is probably food. Trying the signature foods of certain places or country is must when you travel. There are many signature or famous foods to try. Most of the time you won’t be able to try it all. If you ever been to Kota Kinabalu (KK), Sabah’s capital city in the island of Borneo, you will be spoiled for choices of food. There are a lot to try. One of the most famous delicacies that we must have whenever we are at KK is the Tuaran Mee or Tuaran Noodle or Tuaran Mien. We’ve been to KK many times and not a single trip we had without having this Tuaran Mee.

Tuaran Mee is using a different kind of egg noodle. Not like those egg noodles that you commonly find. Maybe that’s why it’s unique. The noodle itself gave it a totally different texture and taste compare to other egg noodles.

The delicious Tuaran Mee

The delicious Tuaran Mee

But the way of cooking it make it taste how it is. Normally the best one is from those Chinese coffee shops although there are some Malays shops selling it but from our experience, the taste is a bit different. The noodle is normally fried with egg, vegetables, soy sauce and meat (normally bbq pork or char siu pork).

We can’t describe the taste much by words, it has a texture and taste of its own. The noodle is springy and the taste is very delicious. So far we haven’t find any noodle taste similar to it but if you ever tried fried Mee Poh, the texture is almost the same but still very much different. Tuaran Mee is using yellow egg noodles. According to the information we got, the noodle is made using flour and only egg yolks, not the whole egg.

Tuaran Mee originated from a town called Tuaran, hence the name Tuaran Mee. The town is a bit far from KK, about 45 minutes drive depending on the traffic. But, you don’t have to go there if you want to try it. There are some shops selling it in KK city.

From our experience, the best place to have this Tuaran Mee in KK is Kedai Kopi Seng Hing or Seng Hing Coffee Shop. It is located at Lorong Sinsuran 2 at the city centre of Kota Kinabalu. That area is behind Le Meridien Hotel and it’s easy to find. If you’re unsure of where it is, you can just take a taxi from your hotel, taxi driver knows it well. Unless you stay at Le Meridien Hotel then you can just walk to the back area and you’ll see the shop from the distance, surely you won’t miss it.

When you’re there, just order Tuaran Mee with Sasau (pork) and don’t forget to order the Lo Han Guo (no sure how to spell it) drink, especially when it’s a hot day. We normally had 2 cups of that with our Tuaran Mee, it helps to cool down your body temperature, as what most people said.

Lo Han Guo drink

Lo Han Guo drink

Apart from that shop there are some other shops around town that have Tuaran Mee in their menu. You can also go the Tuaran town itself, which is about 45 minutes from city center of KK. We’ve tried it at a couple of shops there but the one at Seng Hing is still the best for us. It is also easier to go to and easier to find.

Bear in mind that this Seng Hing Coffee Shop only open during the day. Most of the time it will close at around 4pm daily. It open at 7am in the morning, you can go there for breakfast.

If you’re willing to go to Tuaran town to try this noodle, go to a coffee shop called Lok Kyun Restaurant. It’s one of the famous and the first coffee shop to serve Tuaran Mee. They make their own noodle at their shop and some of our Sabahan friends said this is the best place to try the authentic taste of this Tuaran Mee. This shop open from 7.30am until about 3.00pm.

Another shop serving this Tuaran Mee in Tuaran town is Tuaran Mee Restaurant (obviously, right?) but they serve some different versions of it. They have Tuaran Mee Lihing, Tuaran Mee Soup and many more. We like the soupy version they serve, it taste different from the fried one.

Go try this Tuaran Mee whenever you’re in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Those three shops we mentioned above can be easily found in Google Maps. They are the best shops to try it based on our experience having this noodle.


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