Travel To Yonago, Tottori Prefecture, Japan

More often than not, when thinking about Japan, most of people will think of Tokyo or Osaka. No surprise as those two Prefectures are the most popular places to visit in Japan. But, there are many other interesting places or city in Japan. Recently, we visited one place that is not commonly on everybody’s list when going to Japan. Little that we know that this place have a handful of interesting places of interest to visit. It is probably the most calm and relax place we ever visited in Japan. This place is Yonago. It is a city located in northwestern Tottori Prefecture of Japan.

Facing the Sea of Japan, this city is the second largest city in Tottori Prefecture after the Tottori city itself. When we arrived here, we thought that “nothing much to see here” but, we are very wrong. Every places in Japan never failed to bring some surprises. That’s why, people like to get lost in Japan, everywhere they end up, it will be the best mistake that they made. Yonago is the same. It seems like a small city at first but it is packed with a lot of things to enjoy.

Although it is not as big as other cities in Japan but this place have really made us fall in love with it. It was totally different from Osaka or Tokyo. The feeling is very different in this city. We can’t describe it much but it feels so calm and relaxed. It feels like we are in a rural area of Japan but with some modern touch to it.

We take a stroll along Yonago’s street from our hotel, we can help it but to admire all the cute, small houses and shops along the streets. This is what we really like about this place, everything seems simple but really catches our interest. Like all other cities in Japan, the streets are made easy and safe for pedestrians and cyclist. Even all the drivers here are very polite and always give you way when you’re crossing the streets.

Like other cities in Japan, the streets are very clean. We rarely see any rubbish on the streets but one thing that irk us a bit is the rubbish bin is not easily available. You will face this “problem” anywhere in Japan. It is due to their culture that all rubbish that they made outside their home or in public places, they must bring it back home to throw it away or to recycle it. The best way to find a rubbish bin or recycle bin is to find any vending machine. Normally next to those vending machines, they will provide recycle bins. Or you just be a Japanese for a while and bring those rubbish back to your accommodation for recycling.

There are not much shopping mall in Yonago. The biggest one probably the Aeon Mall. We visited it but it doesn’t have much to offer. So we decided to explore the streets more. There are a lot of small shops along the streets of Yonago. We entered one shop after another and found a lot of interesting things. We love the small eateries or restaurant that we find there, the food, are all delicious.

There are many places of interest to visit in Yonago, such as the Yonago Castle Ruins, Dan Dan Square, Minotayama park, Shrines and many more. But we already have some interesting places that we have in mind and already planned to visit.We’ll cover that in our next post and we’ll write a post in details for each of that places.

Yonago or Tottori prefecture as a whole is all about agriculture. We went outside to the outskirt of Yonago and we can see a lot of paddy field in between some hills and mountains. The scenery is so soothing for the eyes and so calming for the heart.

Some might be asking what are Yonago famous for? Beef and pear! Yes you read that right. Most of the time we only heard about Kobe beef. For those who visited Japan more frequent they will know about two other famous beef in Japan, Matsusaka beef and Ohmi beef. Kobe beef is the most famous and the most expensive Wagyu beef in Japan. It is also the most sought after whenever tourist visit Japan.

While in Yonago and Tottori Prefecture generally, they’re famous for Daisen beef. Although this Daisen beef is not as famous as Kobe beef, Matsusaka and Ohmi beef, it taste almost equally delicious. We’ve tried those three beef before so we know what we are talking about. The marbling of Daisen beef is quite the same as those three as well. The only difference is that the cow for Daisen beef is reared in the mountain region of Mount Daisen. There is an interesting history of this Daisen beef but, we’ll let you go there and seek it for yourself. But, one thing we can assure you, the Daisen beef taste delicious and cheaper than Kobe beef. We are lucky that we were able to enjoy it there at Yonago.

Another thing that this place is famous for is their pear. The name is Tottori Pear or Tottori 20th Century pears. In every supermarket, souvenir shop and convenience store throughout the city and the Tottori Prefecture, you will find all sorts of products made of this pear. From jelly to even a wine, you’ll find it all. We bought some of these pear products and we love the pear jelly, it was so delicious that we can’t get enough of it.

Apart form those two things, Yonago is also famous for a manga character Kitaro from the horror manga “GeGeGe-no-Kitaro” or “Kitaro of the Graveyard” or “Spooky Kitaro”. Although the hometown of the author of the manga (Shigeru Mizuki) is┬áSakaiminato, the city next to Yonago, the influence of this character also spread to Yonago. You can see many of the merchandise of this Kitaro character available in shops in Yonago.

There are many other things to enjoy in Yonago, we recommend that you spare at least 3 to 5 days to explore the city. It might sounds quite long for exploring a small city like that but we’ll write about the places we visited and you’ll know why. It will take maybe only 2 days to explore the city but we’ll show you why you will need more days to explore and do what we did while we were there.

You can reach Yonago by train, domestic flight or by bus from Osaka or Tokyo. We fly to Osaka and took a bus from there to Yonago. The journey took about 4 hours. It will take about 3 hours by train from Osaka. While we were there, we hire a guide with a van to go around but he is from Osaka as we were not able to find travel guide and rental car in Yonago. We did that because those places that we want to go is mostly outside the city.

We stay at the ANA Hotel Yonago.

We stay at the ANA Hotel Yonago.

All in all, we feel so happy that we decided to visit Yonago. We get to see and enjoy many things that other cities in Japan doesn’t have. At first we thought it might be a mistake but it end up as the best mistake we ever make. If you want to experience something different or maybe after you tired of shopping in Tokyo or Osaka, you might want to consider this place.


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