Toy and Fantasy Museum Penang, Malaysia

We visited Penang a few times but we haven’t explored everything that Penang has to offer. There are so much to explore that one visit will not be enough for everything. We went to many interesting places in Penang but one that really caught our attention was the Toy and Fantasy Museum Penang. Our curiosity triggered and we wonder what they have inside, so we made a firm point that this time, we must go there. We glad we did!

Warning: Too much photos in one post but we might be able to ignite your inner child if you see all the photos.

When we were still a kid, we used to dream of having one whole room full of our favorite toys. We bet every one of us in this world have the same dream when we were younger. If not, your childhood is not that awesome. But, our biggest problem when we were kids, we don’t have money to buy each and every toy we want. Normally, it will need some screaming, crying, rolling on the floor and shouting to get the toys we desired, right? When we grown up, working and earning our own money, we have other problems. We have probably married with kids, less desire to buy toys because there are more important things to spend our money on, no space to put all the toys and many more.

Now, we can still live that awesome childhood dreams. There’s a place call Toy and Fantasy Museum in Penang that you can visit to bring back your childhood’s memories and dreams. You can spend hours there just by going from one display to another, admiring all the toys that you wanted but could never have when you were a kid. We are not joking, you can spend hours inside that museum. There are a lot of toys on display. In fact they have too much for your dream that you would’ve never imagine that over 100,000 toys, dolls and others fun collectibles surrounding you in one place. Just like your childhood dream isn’t it? We bet it is.

There are many types of toys inside that museum. From a small size Doraemon figure up to the life-size Hulk! Yes you read that correctly, they have a lot of life-size figures from Batman to Gundam. Some are even bigger than an average human. From the information that we get, most of those life-size figures were bought in Hollywood.

All of the toys are display inside glass or polycarbonate cases. With rows of display cases, you won’t realized that you’ve been there for an hour. But for those who want to take photos of each and every toy, you might not be getting a good shot due to the lighting and reflection.

According to the signage at the entrance, this museum receive the recognition from The Malaysia Book Of Records for being the largest and the costliest toy museum in the world. Their staff at the counter said, the whole collection worth more than a staggering RM60 millions!

Barbie wearing Kebaya, Cheongsam and Sari.

Biker Mice From Mars, one of our favorite cartoon series in our younger days.

The owner, Mr Loh Lean Cheng, created this museum after he was inspired by his visit to the London Toy and Model Museum. He began his collection with a Popeye doll, bought in 1973. His collection grew bigger since then. He bought most of his toys from overseas and some are rare and very expensive. The most expensive piece in his collection is the 1.8 meter Gundam Zaku with the value of RM9000.

It was a fun few hours inside that Toy and Fantasy Museum. It really does being back the little child in us again. We felt like we don’t want to go back but what can we do. Part of us wish that we own all those toys and have that kind of awesome display in our home. Although the display area and arrangement seems a bit messy but that how it should be for toys.

Above are the life-size figures of Yoda, R2D2, C3PO and everyone’s favorite plumber, Mario.


The entrance fees for adult is RM39 (Standard) / RM26 (MyKad) and for Child is RM29 (Standard) / RM19 (MyKid). It might seems expensive but it’s worth every cents if it ignite the inner child in you and bringing you back to your awesome childhood. You might not be able to get a massive collection like that yourself so this Toy and Fantasy Museum Penang  is your only place to make your childhood dreams come true.

This Toy & Fantasy Museum is located at 1370, MK2, Teluk Bahang, 11050 Penang and open 9am – 6pm daily.

Enjoy more photos below.


More life-size figures!


How about some scary ones!


More and more life-size figures!


Lastly, our favorite photo of the visit.

So did we help you to ignite your inner child and bring back your childhood dreams? You’re welcome!

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