MaxisONE Home Broadband Now In Sarawak & Sabah

You read that right, Maxis brought their fibre home broadband to Sarawak and Sabah under their MaxisONE Home Broadband plans. On 8th of August 2017, Maxis revised their home broadband pricing and made several changes to it. From that, they have also extended their fiber home broadband to Sarawak and Sabah. Before this, Maxis home broadband only available in Peninsular Malaysia. Customers in Sarawak have to settle for TM’s Unifi but now they have another option to choose from.

Maxis mentioned that their MaxisONE Home Broadband will be using the same HSBB network that was built by TM and is currently used for their UniFi. HSBB stands for “High Speed Broadband”, a project under Malaysia’s National Broadband Initiative. Its objective is to provide high speed broadband throughout the country.

There are 3 phases of that high speed broadband project, HSBB, HSBB 2 and SUBB. Each phase have their own speed and objectives, the one that cater for fibre internet is the HSBB 2. SUBB is targeting sub-urban and rural areas by upgrading the existing copper lines to achieve higher speed. All of those projects are build by TM because they invested in the cost of more than half of each phase over the course of 10 years for HSBB 2 and SUBB.

Comparing the price of MaxisONE Home Broadband to TM’s UniFi, it is cheaper but Maxis doesn’t offer any tv channel services like TM’s HyppTv and their entertainment packs. But that will help customer to decide which one they will go for. For those who doesn’t need those services and only want home internet, they can go for this MaxisONE Home Broadband.

We are not sure whether this home broadband covers the whole populated area of Sabah and Sarawak or not. We can assume that, at any area that UniFi is available, this MaxisONE Home Broadband might be there too, since they’re using the same network and fibre line.

One of the banners in Tabuan Jaya, Kuching

Maxis is offering 4 plans for your selection. The 10Mbps at RM139/month, 30Mbps at RM179/month, 50Mbps at RM219/month and 100Mbps at RM299/month. All of those plans comes with a free DECT (cordless) phone and unlimited voice calls to all mobile and landlines. But they’re giving complimentary unlimited iflix access, free Maxperts consultation with end-to-end-setup, dual-band AC Router (2.4 Ghz & 5 Ghz) and an add on of Chromecast device for only RM1 for 30Mbps, 50Mbps and 100Mbps plans.

If you sign up online through their website now, they’re offering one month free for this home broadband. This is as part of their promotional campaign.

Check if your area are covered and for further details on this MaxisONE Home Broadband at You can sign up to this broadband plans at that link too.


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