Kuching Festival Food Fair 2017

The annual Kuching Festival is back this year starting from 28th July 2017 until 20th August 2017. This festival is organized by Kuching South City Council (MBKS) to commemorate Kuching being given City status on 1st August 1988. It was held every year at MBKS hall compound and it is one of the biggest city festival in Sarawak.

Visitors to the festival can enjoy a lot of activities and events such as performances, concerts, galleries, exhibitions and garden show. One of the most anticipated part of this festival is the food fair. Thousands of visitors came to the food fair every year. It has become the main event of the Kuching Festival with lots of stalls selling various mouth-watering delicacies. There are so much food to try that one visit will not be enough to enjoy it all.

Every year the Kuching food fair never failed to attract thousands of visitors everyday throughout the festival’s duration. Some visitors even spent many hours there just to try as many foods as they can. Visitors are definitely spoiled for choice.

This year the variations of food being sold in the food fair seems to be balanced. Unlike previous few years, there was a few types of delicacies dominate the food fair. During our first visit, we spent almost 2 hours going from one stall to another. We only managed to go for only half of the stalls, probably less. We will be going for a few more visits, definitely.

A sea of visitors at the Kuching Festival Food Fair 2017


Even the famous DP Gula Apong Ice Cream opened their stall at Kuching Festival Food Fair 2017

One of our favorites!

One of our favorite foods at the food fair is the durian puff or durian cake. There a some stalls selling it but we can’t compared because after having them we don’t know which one is which 😀


Korean foods!

Pullman Hotel Kuching hosted Chef Kim Joon Woo at EATOF Park during the recent Rainforest World Music Festival 2017. He came all the from Korea just to share three of the famous Korean delicacies during RWMF. Now, it seems that he passed down the recipe to Pullman Hotel and that’s what they’re selling at the Kuching Festival Food Fair 2017. It taste the same as what Chef Kim prepared during the RWMF 2017. Our favorite is the Korean Chicken.

Sausage galore!

There are some stalls selling sausages in this year’s food fair. It seems that Taiwan sausage still the one that being sold the most. We tried this stall and them all. The price might be a bit expensive but it’s worth a try.


The Dragon Beard Candy

Every year, this is our must-have during the Kuching Festival Food Fair. How they make this candy is kind of unique. It must be eaten the soonest possible as it will become hardened after a while.

Cotton candy


The loudest and the most beautifully set stall at the food fair



Interesting ice cream

Like last year’s food fair, the longest line were at the ice cream stall and it’s the same this year. During the time of our visit, there were so many people queuing for this ice cream.


Durian products


The mango sambal. Spicy!


Kruup Kruup BBQ Pork

One of our favorites this year is this Kruup Kruup BBQ Pork. Their Iban style bbq pork was so good. You have the choice of the original or the honey bbq pork. Their grilled mackerel was also delicious. We will get their bbq pork again during our next visit. All of their foods are made fresh and always sold out, sometimes you have to wait for the next batch. That’s okay because you can order first and come back later to pick it up.

All in all so far the food that we had at the food fair this year were all delicious. Despite the hot and dry weather, it doesn’t stop hundreds of people came to the food fair this year. If you ever go, make sure you drink a lot of water to prevent yourself from getting dehydrated. Do come to the Kuching Festival 2017, there are many things to enjoy.


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