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In Japan there are many things that can make your life easier such as the vending machine and household products. One thing that really live up to the word convenience in Japan is the convenience stores. We say it like that because you can find almost everything you need in one convenience store here. It is very useful for travelers and tourist visiting Japan as you can find anything you need from foods to your basic necessities easily and fast in that store.

Convenience store available everywhere in Japan. From big cities to small ones, you can always fine at least one of it. There are many chains operating convenience stores in Japan. The biggest three are Seven Eleven, Lawson and Family Mart. Each one of them have their own specialty or signature products.

  1. Seven Eleven – Seven Premium Products. That product is known for its rich variety and high quality that is even comparable to specialty stores.
  2. Lawson – Health food and delicious desserts.
  3. Family Mart – Delicious hot foods. We love their fried foods so much!

Why convenience stores is a big deal in Japan? There are a few reasons for that. From our observation, here are five reasons why. Some people might have different reasons but this is our opinions.

  1. Wide choice of things to buy. It almost like a small supermarket, you can get all the things you need as a tourist in the convenience stores.
  2. Many choices of food, from simple meal like Onigiri to the full plate of fried ramen and Bento, you can find it easily there. Some stores even sell hot food like yakitori and fried chicken. You won’t be disappointed by the quality of foods they sell, it’s damn good.
  3. Much needed services are available in the convenience store. Services such photocopy, printing machine, photo printing machine, as well as ATM machine is available in the convenience store. At some of the stores there’s also kiosk to buy movie and events ticket available.
  4. It is everywhere! You can find convenience stores almost in every corner of cities in Japan. So don’t worry if suddenly in the middle of your stroll along the streets you feel hungry or cravings for that delicious green tea. You might find the convenience store in front of you a few steps ahead.
  5. A lot of choices for alcoholic drinks. After a whole day of strolling in the streets of Osaka or Tokyo, you might want some drinks in your hotel to ease up the tiredness. Convenience stores in Japan sells variety of that, from beers, whisky to sake. One alcoholic drink you must try in Japan is the one in the photo below, you have a choice of some flavors. It is basically flavored alcoholic drink in a can and it’s not beer or whisky. It’s like vodka but it doesn’t taste much like vodka. Be careful, one can of those can get you tipsy.
This type of drink is a must try if you ever visit Japan.

This type of drink is a must try if you ever visit Japan.

Delicious onigiri. We are big fans of this.

Delicious onigiri. We are big fans of this.

What you can buy at the convenience store? There are many things you can get there but we list out some of them.

  1. Foods, delicious foods. When we were in Japan, we bought onigiri everyday from the convenience store. It was our favorite food especially for breakfast. It was so delicious. We even get some foods like bento and ramen for our late supper there too. The food quality is good and it taste good as well. We love the fried food we found at Family Mart.
  2. Alcoholic drinks and other general drinks like coffee and tea. You need it most of the time you’re in Japan.
  3. Japanese chocolates. It’s good to get you through the day. Our favorite brand is Meiji.
  4. Magazines and that include your favorite adult ones. Some magazines have freebies in their packs.
  5. Books and manga.
  6. Tickets for parks, museum, train/bus, concerts, events, movies and many more.
  7. Services like photocopy and printing machine, ATM and quick photo printing machine.
  8. Japanese snacks, desserts and light foods.
  9. Healthy food. We found some in Lawson.
  10. Limited time items which only available for a short period and might not be restocked anymore.


This is the most delicious onigiri we found in Japanese convenience store so far. That slice of meat really makes it different from the triangle ones.


Onigiri comes in many flavors, from plum to chicken to even some limited edition ones. Just make sure you go to the Japanese convenience store early if you want to try all of them.

Onigiri comes in many flavors, from plum to chicken to even some limited edition ones. Just make sure you go to the Japanese convenience store early if you want to try all of them.

Like we said, Japanese convenience store is really convenience especially for travelers and tourist. You won’t have to worry about finding a supermarket if you want some drinks or foods, you just need to find the convenience stores. Each chain have thousands of outlets throughout Japan, they’re very easy to find. It can also be one of the things in your plan if you ever thinking of visiting Japan because, some way, some how, you’ll need to find it for some important reasons.


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