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There are many things that will attract your attention and interest whenever you visit Japan. Sometimes even the smallest details of things you find there can be very intriguing. Most of us have a very high curiosity when travel to another country, especially when it is our first time there. In Japan, one thing that will always caught our attention is the vending machine. Not only it will get our attention, we will always search for it in any place we go to there. There are a few reason for that and we will explain it later.

Many people who have visited Japan knows that vending machine is one of thing that bring so much conveniences to tourist and travelers. There are many types of vending machines available in almost every places in Japan, from drinks to food and even things like cigarettes. Even when we travel to Yonago, as we mentioned here in our previous post; is consider as a small city; have vending machines almost everywhere.

All of the hotels we’ve stayed in Japan provide at least one drink vending machine at their lobby, even the Onsen have some of it too. It seems that this vending machine is a big necessities in Japan and seems like a big business too.

Most of their “food courts” or open food restaurant and some restaurants are using vending machine to provide drinks and also for ordering foods. If you go to the convenient store, you can get a warm coffee in a can from a vending machine. You can also get foods too.

In Tokyo there are some restaurants or shops that doesn’t have any workers but using vending machines for their foods, drinks and other stuffs. Here you can even get hot foods like ramen, bun and many more from their vending machine. All of it are self service.

Whenever we are in Japan, every where we go we always look for vending machine because of four reasons.

  1. It’s very easy to get drinks and food on the go. Most of the time when we are out and about we didn’t bring any drink with us. In Japan we don’t have to worry about that, vending machine is everywhere. This is very convenient during hot summer season, vending machine will be your best friend during your walks around the city.
  2. In Japan there is one tradition that might not be very convenient for tourist. That tradition is to bring whatever rubbish you make outside back to your home for recycling. Because of that rubbish bin is very scarce in Japan, it is not very easily available. The only easy way you can find rubbish bin or recycling bin is to find a vending machine because almost all vending machine spot have recycling bin or rubbish bin next to it.
  3. Some spot that have vending machine will have AED near it or at the same spot. AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator and you can find it in almost every public areas in Japan. It is useful for emergency, for used on someone suffering from cardiac arrest.
  4. Chances are when you’re in Japan your will end up with a lot of coins. To avoid from collecting too much coins when we travel in Japan we use it to buy things from the vending machine. Especially during the end of our daily walk and on our way back to our hotels. But we normally keep some for our final day when we splurge spending our coins on gachapon!

Where can you find vending machine in Japan? You can find them everywhere in Japan but here are the few places that you can find many types of it in one spot.

  1. Public parks, places of interest and tourist attractions.
  2. Train stations and airports
  3. Hotels and Ryokan
  4. Rest area along the highway
  5. Onsen
  6. Shopping malls
  7. Shopping districts
Vending machines at rest area along the highway

Vending machines at rest area along the highway

What can you buy from the vending machine? Here are some items that we found. We assumed there are many other things you can get if you can find the vending machine selling them.

  1. General drinks like coffee, tea, soft drinks and etc.
  2. Alcoholic drinks and that include a bottle of sake, if you’re lucky to find selling it. You can even pop it open and drink it on the spot. It is allowed in Japan.
  3. Foods like noodles, bread, chewing gums and many more.
  4. Books
  5. Cigarettes
  6. Bras and panties, yup you read that right. Although it is mostly available in the shopping malls. There are also some vending machine selling used ladies underpants but we don’t want to recommend that.
  7. Toys, especially toy cars.
  8. Umbrellas, you might need one.
  9. Amulets and charms, which is normally available from the vending machine at the temple or shrines.
  10. Flowers

Did we make it sounds like vending machine is one thing that you should be looking forward to find and try during your visit to Japan? We hope it is because you can find a lot of interesting and weird things from the vending machine in Japan.


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