How To Buy Tickets For Rainforest World Music Festival 2018

It was announced few days ago that the ticket for the 2018 Rainforest World Music Festival is now on sale. You can get cheaper discounted price for the ticket until 30th April 2018 during the early bird purchasing period. That’s 10 days to go until the ticket price moved to the next tier which is pre-sale period and the price will be higher. It’s advised that you purchase the ticket now to get that cheaper price especially if you’re already planning your trip to this festival since last year to save some money.

In case you didn’t know yet, this festival is where all the performers of world music from all over the world congregate and perform their own unique musics to entertain festival goers for 3 evenings. During the day, there are many activities that the festival goers can enjoy. There workshops, food stalls, craft bazaars, cultural activities and many more. Basically you can spend the whole day at the event venue enjoying all those. If you’re the relax type of person, you can just sit by the jungle pool and sips some beers while waiting for the main concert to start.

Promotional video of the RMWF 2018.

That’s a very brief explanation about RWMF. If you want to know more about this festival, we wrote about it last year, the RWMF 2017, where it celebrate its 20th anniversary. You can read that post HERE.

We also wrote about three performance that we highlight because of how unique their performances are. You can read those at the link below:


During RWMF 2017, there was a food area called EATOF Park by Asia Food Kitchen and they offered variety of foods from East Asian region such as Korean foods, Indonesian foods, Japanese as well as Malaysian foods. All the food were so delicious and we spend most of our time there because of that and also because the cozy and comfort of the place. we wrote about it and you can read it HERE. We heard that they will be back in this year’s RWMF and we are expecting it to be better because last year it was their first time.

So, how to buy the ticket for Rainforest World Music Festival 2018? You need to purchase it online at the AirAsia RedTix website. Click this link to go straight to the web page. The ticket price are as shown in the table below. Different price for different tier and sales period. If you want to get the ticket cheap, you should buy it now.

Ticket price for the festival according to the tiers. 

Image source.

For more information on the festival such as the list of the performers and other information, go to their website at As of now, some information such as the program schedule and list of food marts is still not available. You can check their website from time to time for the update.

The image of the performers that will perform during the main concert of the RWMF 2018.

Image source

For first timer to this RWMF, we will come up with some tips on going to the festival later on. This is to help you make your trip a little bit easier, so stay tune. At the mean time here are some photos from RWMF 2017.

So, did we managed to enticed you and tickle your interest to go to this Rainforest World Music Festival 2018 from all those photos? We hope we did and hopefully we’ll see you at the festival!

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