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When I was younger I love to read comics and manga (Japanese comics), Detective Conan was one of them. I used to collect this manga and have every issues of it in my collection. Every month, I will go the magazine shop on the same date to buy all my favorite comics and manga. Sometime I didn’t even eat at school just to save money to buy them.

If you are a fan of Detective Conan then this place that I visited might attract your interest.


Noticed that yellow car? If you read the manga, you’ll know why that car is such an icon for Detective Conan series.

Detective Conan was one of the most popular manga in and from Japan, at par with those titles like Dragon ball, Doraemon, Slam Dunk, One Piece and many more. In some countries this manga was named Case Closed due to some legal issues with the name Detective Conan.

The author of this manga is Gosho Aoyama from Hokuei, Tottori Prefecture, Japan. I feel so lucky to be able to visit this museum which was opened in 2007. This museum, named the Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory, was built as a tribute to Gosho Aoyama’s works. It was located at his hometown, Hokuei in Tottori Prefecture and has become of the tourist attraction in this prefecture.


The characters from the Detective Conan manga

This museum showcase everything about Detective Conan. You can see some of the original artworks and even try some of the items featured in the manga yourself in real life. The most interesting items that Conan used are his skateboard and the voice changing device that he always use in the manga. When I was a kid I used to dream of having those things and when I was a teenager I took as skateboarding as one of my hobbies.



If you ever read this manga you know what is the story all about. For those who don’t know, it was a story about a young, very intelligent and very talented teenage detective, Shinichi Kudo. While he was doing an investigation on a case he was attacked by those from a crime syndicate known as the Black Organization. They forced him to eat an experimental poison but it doesn’t kill him, instead, the poison transformed him into a child. He then use the name Conan Edogawa and he keep his real identity a secret.


He lived with his girlfriend, Ran Mouri and her father, Kogoro Mouri who is private detective. Conan was enrolled into an elementary school where he met a group of friends and the form a detective group. These friends are those who are always with him throughout the whole series. Although Conan was transformed into a child, his mind and his intelligence is still the same as Shinichi Kudo’s, but he have to act like a child. His biggest challenge was to concealed his identity because all of those people that know Shinichi Kudo believed that he went to other country for some important reason. His disappearance mostly affecting Ran who missed him so much. At some points, Ran almost found out who Conan really is but there’s always something happened that convinced her that he is not Shinichi Kudo.


This place is so cool! I can spend hours here…

In his adventure Conan got help from some people such as Dr. Agasa, Ran’s friend Sonoko, a fellow teenage detective Heiji Hattori and many more. His real quest is to find the Black Organization so that he can find the way to turn him back to his teenage self. But along the way, he follow Kogoro Mouri in his investigation and he always solved the case. When he found the solution he will tranquilized Kogoro to make him sleep, he will find a hiding place, use his voice changer device to imitate Kogoro’s voice to present the result of his investigation. He did that because, you know, who will believe a small kid in solving the murder case, right?

Later in the series he met a girl who was a new student at his school, Ai Haibara. She revealed to Conan that she was the inventor of the poison that made him transformed into a child and she also took the poison and turned into a small child like him. Ai Haibara then joined their detective group and she shared the same intention as Conan to find the solution that can turn them back to how they were before. The only challenge they faced is that Ai Haibara is no longer associated with the Black Organization so they will have to find them together.

Various versions of Detective Conan manga.

Detective Conan manga around the world.

The version of that manga that was published in Malaysia.

So that’s basically the story of Detective Conan in brief. You can still find this manga in the shop and probably easier now because most shop is selling it in collection bundle, normally 10 issues in one bundle. If you managed to find the shop selling that bundle, you’re very lucky.

An exhibition of Gosho Aoyama’s working desk, how it typically look like.

Back to this museum. You can see a lot things inside it, including statues of the characters in the manga, original artworks, the versions of this manga published in other countries, exhibitions of posters, devices that Conan use in the series and many more things. I spent almost 2 hours there admiring everything on display. I was so excited that I feel like I was a child again.

The voice changer device used by Conan in the series.

Conan’s skateboard, you can ride it here, virtually of course.

For kids, there are some games made like a treasure hunts and quiz. There are also something to do where you collect stamps from each parts of the museum and you will get a special card if you completed it all.

For a fan like me, this is the most valuable experience that might happen only once in a lifetime. I got to visit Gosho Aoyama’s town, went to his museum, went to some places that was featured in the manga. Because Tottori is his birth place, he featured a lot places from that area in the manga. I went to stay at one of the Onsen and it was featured in one of the issues of that manga, again, something that make me so happy.

All the characters from the series.

There’s also a souvenir shops in the Museum. A place where I went crazy and very excited. I bought some items that I won’t be able to find anywhere else. Means that it was exclusively being sold in that shop. I felt like I wanted to buy each and everything there but it will be very difficult to bring them around because we moved a lot during that travel.

The souvenir shop! My favorite section of this place.

It was one of my dreams came true and one of the biggest achievements in my life. Wasn’t easy to go to that place because most people who travel to Japan will probably not have Tottori in their list of places to visit. Surely, it was the best decision I’ve made to go there and thanks to my wife that helped making it possible.

Kogoro Mouri’s car, the car that they used to go everywhere in the series. This is the real one.

If you ever planned to visit other prefectures apart from Osaka and Tokyo in Japan, you might want to consider Tottori. Not a bad place for tourist as there are a lot of things to do and visit. If you ever go, don’t forget to visit Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory, especially if you’re a fan of Detective Conan.

Mr. Gosho Aoyama himself. Too bad is was only his statue. I wish he was there during my visit, I would buy something from the souvenir shop for him to sign.

Written by Rodz Nocturne

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