EATOF Park by Asia Food Kitchen at RWMF 2017

Asia Food Kitchen entered its 2nd year this year. It was held during the 20th Anniversary of Rainforest World Music Festival from 14th to 16th of July 2017. This year it was called EATOF Park by Asia Food Kitchen. EATOF stands for East Asia Tourism Forum which consist of 10 countries as members.

EATOF Park by Asia Food Kitchen was joint by 6 representatives. They were representing the EATOF Member Countries. EATOF is a tourism platform that promotes tourism and culture of its member countries. Representatives from Yogyakarta Special Region, Indonesia and Korea were part of this year’s EATOF Park.

Representing Yogjakarta were Chef Anton and Chef Erwan Sakti. Chef Anton is from the Indonesian Chef Association Yogyakarta and he is also the Executive Chef of Dafam Hotel Yogyakarta. They served their traditional delicacies such as Gudeg. Gudeg is a combination of jackfruit cooked with palm sugar served with rice, tofu and chicken. They were also promoting Yogyakarta snacks such as Bakpia, Ampyar and Carica Fruits. Those are the most sought after snacks by tourist who came to visit Yogyakarta.

Representing Korea was Chef Kim Joon Woo. He is a sous chef from Grand Ambassador Hotel Seoul. In the EATOF Park, he took the opportunity to showcase Korean authentic foods such as Korean Chicken, Beef Bulgogi and Bibimbap. All the main ingredients and sauces for those foods was brought all the way from Korea. Festival goers have the opportunity to taste the authentic Korean cuisines during this year’s RWMF. Chef Kim shared his secret recipe of Bulgogi sauce during his food demonstration. He also showed the visitors the making of Bulgogi.

Oishii Restaurant Kuching representing Japan and they brought along their delicious Sushi and Sashimi. They were also selling their homemade Matcha Ice cream, Black Sesame Ice Cream, Oreo Ice Cream and Teh Tarik Ice Cream. Max Bong from Oishii Restaurant shared some tips on how to prepare Salmon Sashimi during his food demonstration.

Saigon Restaurant Kuching representing Vietnam for the EATOF Park. They were selling delicious food like Sugar Cane Chicken, Bahn Mi and Vietnamese Spring Rolls. Their sugar cane chicken was a hit. We can’t have enough of it! According to its owner, he and her husband has been traveling all over Vietnam to learn about the authentic taste of Vietnam’s cuisines. They brought back all their knowledge and experience to their restaurant in Kuching.

Representing Sarawak was Riverside Majestic Hotel Kuching. They brought the taste of Sarawak by serving the famous Laksa Sarawak and Kolok Mee. They were also selling their delicious Gula Apong Ice Cream. Gula apong is a palm sugar. That ice cream was different from the the normal ones that are available in Kuching city. While the normal ones is using gula apong syrup poured over the vanilla ice cream, this one had gula apong infused into the ice cream mixture. It was so delicious that it was sold out every day of the RWMF.

All in all, we enjoyed the foods served at EATOF Park this year. We couldn’t had enough! We also loved the setup of the EATOF Park area. It was different from the normal food area. Our only hope is that they can make it bigger next time. We are also hoping that they will be part of RWMF again next year. This year, it was one of the surprises that we experienced during RWMF. Hopefully, the will bring more surprises next year. We will be waiting.

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  2. […] One thing that we were so excited about is the Asia Food Kitchen or AFK, was once again back at RWMF and this year, it was bigger and better! For those of you who didn’t know yet about AFK, it was an event where the organizer brought in chefs from member countries of BIMP EAGA and EATOF to showcase and sell their delicacies. This year they brought in chefs from Brunei, Phillipines and Indonesia. They also have foods from Japan, Vietnam and of course those delicious local foods from Sarawak itself. They also served the best beer in the whole festival! We’ll cover that part in the next post because it deserved its own story. To know more about AFK, for now, you can read our post that we wrote about it last year at this link: […]

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