At Adau Was Back At Rainforest World Music Festival 2018

Last year we wrote about At Adau performing at the 20th Rainforest World Music Festival and we were hoping and wishing that they will be back at the festival this year. Our wish came true! They’re back once again performing at the main concert of RWMF 2018 on the second day. We were so excited about it and like before, they never disappoint. You can read our post that we wrote last year at this link:

They played their famous songs from their current album and the best part was they also played some new ones that will be in their new upcoming album. Like always, the crowd went crazy during their performance. We believe that some of those people at the concert that night came because of At Adau. It might sounds exaggerated but the crowd was chanting and shouting the band name before they even started the show, means that they anticipated their performance.

We love the gimic that they created by throwing two big beach balls into the crowd. It might not look like anything very special but it does to us and we saw the crowd love it so much too. It created the feel of enjoying the festival more because you know, that what’s the music festival is all about.

We talked to their bassist, Alfonso, about their new album. He said that it will be out soon and he hope that their fan will like their new songs. We can’t wait for that. Judging from a few new songs that they played during the RWMF 2018, the new album will be awesome! We can feel it.

Their performance that night was damn awesome! The crowd was enjoying it so much and all of us who were there that night can’t get enough of their performance. We want more but nothing much can they do as they have to follow the time slot given. We hope that one day, At Adau can have their own concert and we know we will be there. Maybe after their new album come out, it will be a good way to promote it.

One thing for sure, “Oooooohhhhaaaaaaa!” is now an international language thanks to At Adau. They make people shout and chant it throughout their show and now not only Malaysians know how to use it, even the foreigners does. The proof? We saw a bunch of foreigners using “ooohhhhaaa!” instead of “cheers!” while drinking at the festival. It gave us goosebumps when the whole crowd shouting it out loud together with At Adau and it gave us chills when we saw those foreigners using it on their own. As Sarawakians we are proud of it and we repeat, “Oooooohhhaaaaa!” is now an international language!

At Adau performing one of their songs during the 2018 Rainforest World Music Festival.

It seems to us that At Adau now has a very strong following and fan base. We pray and hope they will continue their success. We are not sure if they will be back in next year’s RWMF but we keep our hope high.

Thank you so much At Adau for the awesome performance! Keep it up, bring those music and “Ooooohhhaaaa!” all over the world, you are now one of the big pride of Sarawak!

At Adau

The video of some of the performances highlight during the 2018 Rainforest World Festival.

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