At Adau At Rainforest World Music Festival 2017

In our previous post we highlighted Sarawak’s very own Ilu Leto as one of our favorites in the last RWMF 2017. This time we want to highlight another band from Sarawak, the famous World Music Band, At Adau. They performed in this year’s Rainforest World Music Festival but their music journey started way before that. Like Ilu Leto, all their members are natives of Sarawak, Borneo.

At Adau is a seven-piece band consist of Ezra Tekola (playing Sape’), Jackson Lian Ngau (Traditional Bidayuh music insturment), Meldrick Bob (Drums), Juju Lee (Drums & Percussion), Alfonso Mckenzie (Bass Guitar), Cerdic Riseng (Guitar) and Luke Wrender (Sape’).

The name of their band is a combination of two words from two languages of two different ethnics from Sarawak. “At” mean roots in Bidayuh and “Adau” is from the Kenyah dialect referring to the name of the preferred tree used in making Sape’.

Formed in 2014, they shared one common passion, the love of the traditional music and instruments. Sape’ is one of their main instruments that brought them all together as a band. Calling their genre as “Experimental World Music”, they fused the tunes of traditional music instruments and modern music instruments together. They created a very melodic and unique songs from that and intrigued many fans. They play many types of instruments such as Sape’, Perutong, drums, percussions, electric guitar, Djembe, Congas and many more.

Their first big achievement was when they won the Kuching Waterfront Festival 2016. Before that they were also awarded Borneo Talent Award 2015 and Special Talent Award during AIFFA 2015. They have also performed in some concerts and festivals overseas.

According to At Adau, they creates world music to heal and rejuvenate weary souls around the world. They believes that music has the power to overcome all walls and barriers of culture, gender, age, language and ideological differences. We couldn’t agree more on that.

During the last RWMF, they performed an opening set for main concert of day 2 of the festival. The crowd was so pumped by their energetic performance and powerful music, making them danced the whole of their show. With the mellow sounds of Sape’, the energetic sounds of drums and percussion, the modern sounds of the guitar and bass combined with the soulful voice of their singers, they brought high energy to the festival goers. The crowd love their performance so much.

Thank you so much At Adau for the awesome performance during the Rainforest World Music Festival 2017. We hope that they will be back in RWMF next year, most probably with some new songs and a new album. Looking forward to that, surely.  Lastly, as a fellow Sarawakian, we are very proud of them!

To know more about them or for booking visit their Facebook at and their website





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