Asia Food Kitchen At RWMF 2018

Asia Food Kitchen or AFK started to be a part of Rainforest World Music Festival since last year. It was successfully organized last year and the festival goers loved all the food they offered. AFK is an event where the organizer brought in some chefs from member country of EATOF to showcase and sell their foods. This year, for RWMF 2018 which was held from 13 to 15th July 2018, it also include member countries from BIMP-EAGA. Originally, AFK was part of EATOF’s event which was conceived in 2016. That time and until last year it was known as EATOF Park by Asia Food Kitchen.

For this year’s RWMF, they’re back! Bigger and better than last year. This time they come with 7 stalls with foods from Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Sarawak and Brunei. The 7th stall was the Drink Haus and they served the best draught beers in the festival! Apart from beer they also have normal drinks and vitamin water.

They have also change their concept, layout, size and the settings of the AFK area. It was bigger, more spacious and comfy. We like it so much. All the improvements and changes they made seems to make the whole Asia Food Kitchen more grand than last year’s.

As for the food, we love the selections they offered this year. Although some of us kind of missing the Korean food but this year’s were better as a whole. We tried almost all of the foods being sold there and we tried from every stall they have. From Brunei we love the Nasi katok! The sambal for that rice is so damn delicious and addictive! We also love the foods made by the chefs from the Philippines especially the Chicken Adobo. It reminded us of our trip to Philippines some years ago.

Nasi Katok from Brunei.

Soto Brunei

Apart from those, foods from Indonesia never disappoint. We love Indonesian food especially the one that they made at the the AFK such as the Bakso. The portion was so big for a person. As for Vietnamese foods, we like the Banh Mi. It taste fresh and healthy. Although we were hoping that they serve Pho but it’s okay, we still enjoyed the Banh Mi.

Bakso from Indonesia

Japanese foods is one of our favorites! If you’re a fan of sushi and ramen then you missed some of the most delicious one served at the AFK in this year’s RWMF. Their ramen was to die for and we can’t have enough of it, especially the smoked duck ramen which was always sold out. They also brought in their delicious ice creams of various flavours. We love the durian ice cream!

The delicious smoked duck ramen!

For this year’s AFK, chefs from Brunei, Philippines and Indonesia was brought all the way to RWMF. While for Vietnam it was represented by Saigon Fusion restaurant and Oishi restaurant for Japan.

Look at that sushi! They said they have to refill it a few times a day because it keep getting sold out.

As for Sarawak, a team from Sarawak Cultural Village prepared a lot of traditional foods of various ethnics in Sarawak. There’s Umai, Pansuh, Midin and many more. If you look at the lunch we had as in the photo below, that was actually can be called “the mixed rice of unity”. All because in that one plate, the foods come from various race or ethnic of Sarawak.

We call this the “mixed rice of unity”! Too bad we don’t have enough space to put everything in.

Lots of delicious foods!

All in all, we had a lot of delicious foods at the Asia Food Kitchen during RWMF 2018. The price was very reasonable for a festival standard and doesn’t burn any hole in our pocket. We don’t care as long as the foods are good and delicious, we are more than happy and satisfied. The portion was also big enough to fill you with enough energy for many hours.

If you want to compare this year’s AFK to last year’s, you can read our post through this link: You might agree with us when we say it was bigger and better this year.

For a few days after the RWMF we seems to have a “withdrawal syndrome” because we miss the food we had there at AFK. Imagine listening to a beautiful tune of Sape from At Adau while sipping a cold beer and eating some delicious foods in between. We can’t wait for next year’s RWMF and we do hope that AFK will be there again, probably better and bigger, with more countries joining in. Until then, you can watch a video below to get a glimpse of what this AFK is all about.

The Asia Food Kitchen was launched by the Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports Sarawak, Datuk Haji Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah.



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