The 8th Sarawak Hornbill Tourism Awards 2017/2018 Official Launch

Once every two years Sarawak celebrates the tourism industry with the grand Sarawak Hornbill Tourism Awards. This award, which fondly known as SHTA, are to appreciate and recognize the tourism industry players, stakeholders and the medias that help promoting the tourism of Sarawak. For this year, it will be the 8th installment of this event which covers the year of 2017 and 2018. This award is organize by Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports Sarawak. The date/venue of the grand Gala Dinner for the award ceremony will be announced in the near future. The theme or the tagline for this year’s award is “On Fire For Sarawak”.

The 8th Sarawak Hornbill Tourism Awards for 2017/2018 has been officially launched on the 3rd of January 2019. Held at a venue called Commons by Food Journal Group, it was attended by more than 100 guests from various organization related to tourism as well as the people from medias. They’ve also invited some social media influencers to cover the event and we were one of them.

The launch event was done in a very fun way, thanks to the awesome people from Borneo Tru Events. The guests gets to participate in a traditional dance, enjoying the music, having all the delicious foods provided and of course they get to enjoy the company of each other.

The launching of the 8th Sarawak Hornbill Tourism Award was officiated by the Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports Sarawak, YB Datuk Haji Abdul Karim Hamzah. Among the guest of honor that was present during the launch were Datuk Lee Kim Shin, Assistant Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports Sarawak, Tuan Hii Chang Kee, Permanent Secretary of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports Sarawak and Madam Audry Wan Ullok, President of Sarawak Tourism Federation.

For the 8th SHTA, there are 9 main categories of awards that participant can nominate themselves in. These categories are as follow:

  1. Outstanding Hotel & Accommodations Providers
  2. Outstanding Destination Management Company
  3. Outstanding Tourist Guides
  4. Outstanding Food Outlets
  5. Outstanding Cottage Industry Contribution
  6. Outstanding Shopping Malls
  7. Outstanding Media Contribution
  8. Outstanding Tourism Attractions & Events
  9. Outstanding Sports Tourism Award

Apart from those 9 categories, there will be one special award namely the Hornbill Special Award. This award will recognize individual’s or organization’s contribution and professional achievement through major accomplishment towards Sarawak’s tourism industry. This is the major and the grandest award for the Sarawak Hornbill Tourism Award.

The video of the launching event of the 8th Sarawak Hornbill Tourism Awards for 2017/2018.

The nominations for the awards are now open. Participants who wish to try their luck can now submit their nominations. The closing date for submitting the nomination will be on 31st March 2019. Nomination must send in using the official entry form. The form will be available from the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports Sarawak’s website at

Winners of the awards will receive a trophy, certificate, cash incentives and marketing incentives which can be use for the purpose of tourism promotional and marketing related activities.

Passport Cover
This passport cover is very exclusively limited and you cannot get or buy it anywhere else. You can only get it from the launching event and probably from attending the award Gala Dinner later this year. We have some extras that we might want to give away soon. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @pansuhdotcom

So, if you, your business or your organization fit into any of the categories above, please do send in your nomination before 31st March 2019 to the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports Sarawak.

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